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hspace=10AAIllumination (OPTION LED)
The use of LEDs is becoming more popular and can be supplied as an optional extra. The 10mm glass wedge bulb is replaced with a small ultra-bright LED Assembly which plugs into the same lampholder as the bulb.

hspace=10RS485 Serial Communications (OPTION COM)
Up to 64 annunciators can be multi-dropped on the same communications connection. This option allows transmission of the alarm information to remote equipment and also allows the alarm information to be received from the serial communications. All pushbutton controls can be driven remotely via the communications link. This output is user selectable between either Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU protocols.

hspace=10Tropicalised (OPTION TRO)
In harsh environmental conditions where there may be moisture or chemicals within the atmosphere, there is an option to tropicalise the unit. This consists of covering all the pcbs with a conformal coating and using sealed relays.

hspace=10Repeat Relays (OPTION RLY or RL2)
The five common relays are always fitted as standard but there is an option (RLY) of having individual repeat relays for all alarm ways. Alternatively two repeat relays per alarm channel (option RL2) can be provided, however this is only available in medium and large windows.

hspace=10Customer Specified Response Time (OPTION CRT)
As standard the alarm will be activated by signals over 22ms in duration. If this time is either too long or too short to suit the particular application there is an option to increase or decrease this response time.

hspace=10Disable Horn (OPTION DHN)
If the integral horn is not required when the audible relays are being used, this can be disabled.

hspace=10Field Contact Voltage (OPTION FCXX)
The standard unit uses either volt-free contacts or 24VDC/AC signals to trigger alarms. It is possible to change the field contact voltage to alternatives such as 48VDC/AC, 110VDC/AC or 225VDC/AC

hspace=10Rack Mounting (OPTION RAC)
The annunciators can be supplied pre-mounted in standard 19 anodised aluminium mounting plates. A maximumof 7 cells will fit across a 19 front plate.


Weis has extensive systems experience and can supply an alarm annunciator as part of a complete alarm system. This may include installing in wall mounting or floor standing cabinets, integrating into mimic displays or wiring together with other switchgear, power supplies or battery backup systems.
Because of the varied nature of this type of special system, they are priced on application against an agreed specification.

hspace=10Greater Ingress Protection
The standard protection is rated to IP41. Optional hinged plexiglass covers sealing to IP54 are available for all sizes. If greater protection is required for extreme environmental conditions they can be manufactured using IP66 or IP67 enclosures with viewing windows. Due to the varied nature of this type of special system, they are priced on application against an agreed specification.

hspace=10Matching Display
In order to match the full annunciator system an equivalent Lamp-only unit is available. The same flexibility of display size, colour and illumination is available and the display fascia will appear exactly the same as a full annunciator.
Each window is simply fitted with the appropriate backlit illumination connected to terminals.
The system can be fitted with lamp test diodes, an audible device and integral pushbuttons.



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