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Switchgear Management System software is an essential Windows database program for the gathering of information on the network for switchgear performance monitoring and maintenance scheduling.
Possible Features:-

  • Automatic analysis / classification of breaker operation records
  • Checks protection operation timing
  • Simple network overview
  • Exports measurement to ‘Voltage Dips’ and ‘Breaker Performance’ databases
  • Graphical display of captured waveforms
  • Graphical display of trend recording data

The Switchgear Management System runs on a standard IBM compatible PC and would normally be set to auto-poll and / or autocall modes for data gathering.

A graphing function which allows the user to view breaker operation signatures and trend recording data.


This system is the first step towards ‘on-time maintenance’ that should be supported with Off-Line dynamic micro-ohm testing / timing, to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience. With this in mind, raw sample data is stored for future reference to allow recalculation based on alternative parameters.

The system also includes a configuration program that allow local or remote modification of SM100 units direct or via a Local Processing Unit.

Dependant upon measured signals at the SM100 units, the following resultant information can be gathered :-

  • Switchgear Performance
  • Contact Condition
  • Voltage Dips
  • Power Quality / Trend

Digital Signal Processing techniques are used to compare coil current pulses and travel curves (optional) with reference waveforms.



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