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Programmable Alarm Annunciator

Reliable annunciation with

 ‘no master module’ concept


AAThe AA100 Alarm Annunciator provides the ideal solution to all your alarm system requirements. The innovative and unique design gives exceptional flexibility, reliability and programmability.

However simple or complex your alarm requirement the AA100, with its condensed ASIC technology and ‘no master module’ philosophy, will give the most cost effective solution.

With a range of three window sizes, six colours and a choice of bulb or ultra-bright LED illumination, a format and size will be available to match your exact requirements.

Each individual alarm way is fully programmable from the front, using the integral programming module. This allows for many different features giving thousands of possible combinations.

Numerous relay outputs are included as standard to connect to external equipment and individual repeat relays can be supplied as an option. The ASIC technology utilised in this design has a proven track record in a wide range of industries around the world.
To allow interconnection to remote equipment, the AA100 can be supplied with RS485 serial communications using the MODBUS protocol. This allows the unit to transmit or accept alarm information from PLC, DCS or SCADA systems.



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